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why project:t3
we, the team of project:t3, are all with the german red cross in northern germany. traditionally there are a lot of old cars located in the location groups of the red cross in germany. especially there are a lot of old volkswagen type 2 busses. most of the cars are not treated very well, because they get driven by many different people. as well as our bus has many small damages, but the main substance of the vehicle is good. our purpose is to sustain our volkswagen for the future.

VW type 253 (T3)

This is our VW Transporter 3 from 1986

model: 253 241, VW kombi diesel, 4-Gang

engine: 37 kw / 50 ps at 4200 rpm, 1,6 liter diesel
top speed: 110 km/h
length: 4750 mm
width: 1845 mm
height: 1960 mm
colour: ral 1014 ivory

built on: 1986-10-16
left factory on: 1986-10-31
options: M 010, M 013, M066, M 498, M 503, M 552

almost original parts

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